Choosing Your Camp Site

Before you head out on your caravan holiday, you want to inspect your caravan. Replace the caravan windows and doors if they need it, and ensure everything else is in good condition. Once you determine it is, you'll want to choose a caravan site. Here's what you want to look for when choosing a site to bring your family caravan to.

Extra information about caravan windows and doors


Without a doubt, location is the most important thing to look for in a caravan site. Consider what type of holiday you and your family want. Do you guys want to be near the water, a city, farmland or maybe a combination of those? Research what is nearby the caravan sites you're thinking about staying at. Find out what attractions and points of interests are nearby.

Generally speaking, there are caravan sties that are located near attractions you can walk to and then there are sites that are in the countryside, but still offer a lot of things to do. Consider the location and then choose a caravan site.

Onsite Facilities

Onsite facilities are important. If you're travelling with kids, then you want facilities such as an indoor or outdoor play area for them. A toilet and shower area are crucial too, unless your caravan is equipped with its own shower. Also, if you are bringing a dog along with you, then make sure the caravan park you go to is pet-friendly and there is a pet area for your dog to run around in. If interested, try to choose a site with a fitness centre or workout area, but if you aren't bothered, then this isn't a big deal. A small shop can come in handy too, just in case you need to buy food, toiletries etc. . .

Entertainment And Activities

Entertainment and activities are the third most important thing to look out for when choosing a caravan site. The top sites have a pub on location, as well as a kids club or other establishments for entertainment. As for activities, choose a park that has plenty to do or near things to do. For example, do you want to swim at the beach, play golf, go fishing, hiking, cycling and so forth? If so, then that is what you want to make sure the site has.

Location, onsite facilities and entertainment are the key things to look for in a caravan site. Good luck on finding the right caravan site for you and your family.